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                    中文   ENGLISH
                    Antistatic Sheet
                    Antistatic Sheet

                    It is of good thermoforming character and the finished products appearance is pretty.

                    Antistatic rate is 108~1011.

                    Tensile strength rate is more than 50Mpa.

                    The surface is smooth and with good separating capability from the moulds.

                    There are built-in and coating types during the processing way. The former is processed by adding active material while producing, and the latter is by coating active agent to make end products with different grades of antistatic functions.

                    Antistatic performance can be sustained for more than one year.

                    Antistatic performance would not be lost while washing by water.

                    1. It is used as plates for packing high class electronic instruments.

                    2. It is used for packing material of small crafts and many other small size products, to prevent static and dust effectively.

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