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                    中文   ENGLISH
                    Color sheet
                    Color sheet

                    1. All products accord with the regulation of European Union and Sony environmental rule, which can be recycled.

                    2. We use the 100% new PET raw material to produce, and the surface of sheet is bright and smooth.

                    3. The viscosity of the sheet can be more than 0.75, and the tensile strength can reach 50Mpa.

                    4. All sheets are of perfect plasticization.

                    1. Food packaging tray

                    2. Cover of high-class cosmetic package

                    3. Electronic products package

                    4. Commodity package

                    Jiangsu Minyang Synthetic Resin Technology Co.,Ltd.
                    No.28, Huangqiao Road, Tangqiao Town, Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province, China.
                    苏ICP备13061422号-1   登陆